Published: 12/23/2017

Dental Implant Restoration - Charlotte, NC - CEREC CrownsIf you have had a dental implant in the past, you already know that you can treat it just like one of your natural teeth. However, this does not mean that it cannot be damaged. If your implant has been damaged or discolored, Dr. Layton can help. We are able to employ the most advanced CEREC® technology to repair and sculpt your implant so it looks just as good as when you had it put in. With the holidays coming up, you should take the opportunity to restore your smile. Be ready for all the family pictures you will be in by taking advantage of dental implant restoration in Charlotte, NC from Dr. Layton.

Quick and Simple Restoration

The CEREC® process has been refined as technology advances, and today it is possible to beautifully restore any dental implant. Dr. Layton is able to take a digital scan of your implant using advanced 3D modeling technology to design the restoration before even touching your teeth. Best of all, the process is quick and simple. You can be in and out with the entire treatment completed in a single visit. We strive to help you be as comfortable as possible throughout the process. Any damage, shifts, or other issues can be quickly resolved. You can trust the highly trained Dr. Layton to use the most advanced ceramic milling procedures available to give you a meticulous and detailed restoration to achieve a healthy and attractive smile.

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If you have any questions about dental implant restoration, we would be happy to answer them for you. We can provide you with more information over the phone at (980) 322-0815 or you can schedule an appointment online to receive an examination with Dr. Layton. We prioritize the comfort and ease of all our patients, so you have nothing to worry about. Give our dentist’s office in Charlotte, NC a call today to schedule an appointment.

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