Published: 08/12/2017

TMJ - Charlotte, NCHeadaches occur for a variety of reasons such as tension or allergies, but did you know they could come from your mouth? Sometimes patients do not even realize they have an issue with their jaw, only they experience headaches or migraines on a near daily basis.  When this occurs, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and associated muscles may be the cause of your discomfort. This joint is located on the side of the face and provides the hinge the jaw to open and close. When this joint is inflamed or irritated, it can cause serious pain throughout the face, head, and jaw and may be the cause of your chronic headaches. Dental care experts like Dr. Layton provide TMJ treatment in Charlotte, NC to help patients experience more pain-free days and fewer headaches. If you are concerned about TMJ pain or suspect you might be experiencing TMJ disorder, Dr. Layton can help by conducting a TMJ evaluation.

What Does a TMJ Evaluation Include?

An evaluation for TMJ issues begins with an in-depth consultation with the patient. Charlotte, NC dentist, Dr. Layton will ask how long you’ve been experiencing pain and in which locations; any injuries to the jaw or previous orthodontic work will also be discussed. Following this initial conversation, he will conduct a range of motion evaluations to assess the function and health of the joint. Utilizing advanced dental technology, a digital scan of the mouth is taken and the muscles of the jaw will be examined. Upon completion of the evaluation Dr. Layton can diagnose whether a patient is suffering from TMJ. This diagnosis is followed by a recommended course of treatment to help correct the problem, relieve pain, and preserve joint health.

What Causes TMJ Disorder?

A temporomandibular joint disorder can be caused by stress to the TM joint. This can be caused by:

  • Clenching the jaw
  • Grinding teeth (bruxism)
  • Malocclusion (misaligned bite)
  • Anxiety and stress

TMJ can be successfully diagnosed and treated, which lets patients experience a better quality of life and improved overall health. Schedule an evaluation with Dr. Layton at his Charlotte, NC office is the first step. Contact us today by calling (980) 322-0815.

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