Published: 12/04/2019

Dental Implants Versus A Root Canal
If you have developed any kind of tooth decay you may need to have a root canal. However, another option would be to forgo the root canal and get the entire tooth removed. The question remains if you now have this removed tooth then what do you do with the missing tooth space left behind in your mouth. In the past the options for tooth restoration would have consisted of getting a dental bridge. However, thanks to advancements in dentistry there are more options available to you if you are seeking to replace a missing tooth. What is this better option you might ask well to answer your question it’s dental implants? Dental implants have emerged as the number one tooth restoration option mainly because it provides patients with a permanent solution for missing teeth.

Root Canals And Tooth Preservation
Your oral health is highly important because it’s connected to your overall health. All dental procedures are constructed for either the prevention or restoration of your mouth. In terms of tooth preservation, a root canal would be the best option, but if you are interested in the restoration of your tooth then a dental implant would be the best option. This is because a dental implant functions just like a natural tooth therefore if you have a missing tooth getting a dental implant would be the easiest adjustment, and because it functions like your natural teeth the maintenance of a dental implant is not difficult.

Factors to consider when deciding whether to preserve the tooth or replace it:

Other health conditions
Prior oral interventions
Patient age and outcomes
The severity of the issue

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