Published: 03/20/2020
dental implants


Patients and doctors alike are turning to dental implants as a smile reconstruction solution. Implants are a perfect solution for patients for many reasons, the benefits almost seem endless. Here is a breakdown of some dental implant benefits which are causing patients to choose the procedure and dentists to offer it.

Biting Power:

Dental implants are the only smile restoration that allows for almost full biting power to be restored! Because implants simulate your natural teeth, unlike dentures, you can enjoy all of your favorite tough, sticky or fibrous foods.

Preserves Facial Structure:

Dental implants preserve facial structure, because they stimulate the jaw bone! This keeps the facial shape because the jaw and mouth stay stimulated, allowing the bone and muscle to continue to be active. This is outside of the norm, because dentures to not stimulate the bone, which in the long term can cause deterioration and a sunken in look.

Provides a Full Smile:

Unlike dentures that can slip or other removable solutions, dental implants provide a permanent and strong smile! Your new and improved flawless grin will allow you to gain your confidence and increase self-esteem.

If the dental implant procedure sounds right for you, contact our doctor and skilled team to get the dental restoration that is perfect for you. No matter if you’re missing one tooth, multiple teeth, or need a full arch replaced, dental implants provide a permanent and strong solution.

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