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Restore Form and Function for Optimal Oral Health

Both cosmetic and restorative, crowns and bridges return beauty and function to your smile. Crowns provide full coverage and protection for individually damaged teeth, while bridges replace permanent teeth lost to disease, decay or injury. Dr. Thomas Layton uses CEREC® technology for both crowns and bridges, allowing you to regain a seamless, gorgeous smile within a single day. For the highest quality cosmetic care and dental excellence for your oral health, put Dr. Thomas Layton’s 22 years of experience, renowned expertise and refined skills to work for you.

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I was in and out of this office in probably two hours with both a crown and an overlay done. I only had to make one trip. I only had to leave work once and this office runs so efficiently there was really no waiting for me here. I’ve had no discomfort at all with this crown,actually I have had two now and they both feel like my teeth. I cannot even tell that they are not my teeth. Amy Robbins

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Crowns Offer the Coverage and Protection You Need

Teeth that have suffered extensive decay, wear or erosion, or that need restoration beyond what a filling can provide, require the coverage and protection only offered by crowns. Crowns cover the entire tooth structure, rising from the gum line for a natural look, feel and function. Dr. Layton also places crowns following root canal treatment and to restore implants for permanent tooth replacement.

Benefits of crowns include:

  • Return full biting and chewing capabilities
  • Provide feel and appearance of natural teeth
  • Offer high esthetics and durability
  • Rebuild teeth after decay or damage
  • Hide misshapen or severely stained teeth
  • Restore confidence to the smile

Bridges Replace Missing Teeth for a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

Replacing missing teeth, bridges are comprised of a series of crowns fused into a single unit. Bridges affix to teeth near the area of tooth loss and blend beautifully with surrounding teeth for a healthy, gorgeous grin. The end crown units fit snugly over adjacent teeth that have been prepared to support the bridge, which is then permanently bonded into place for secure tooth replacement.

Benefits of bridges include:

  • Permanent tooth replacement
  • Restore biting function
  • Provide a highly esthetic, natural appearance
  • Eliminate gaps left in your smile
  • Keep surrounding teeth from shifting or drifting
  • Rebuild self-confidence after tooth loss
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As a CEREC® doctor with advanced training and experience, Dr. Layton is ready to help you reignite passion for your smile and enjoy the lasting benefits of optimal oral health. Contact us today for your cosmetic dentistry consultation!