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Transform a Gummy Smile With Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Care

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Crown Lengthening Restores Health and Appearance to the Gums

A commonly performed procedure, crown lengthening gently and precisely removes gum tissue that is overgrown, inflamed or in genetic excess to create a healthy, balanced-looking gum line. Two types of crown lengthening procedures exist: esthetic crown lengthening eliminates a “gummy smile,” while functional crown lengthening enables placement of a restoration when deep damage or decay on a tooth exists. The esthetic benefits of receiving crown lengthening from Dr. Thomas Layton are far-reaching, leaving you with a beautifully sculpted gum line framing the focal point of your smile.

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Could Your Smile and Oral Health Benefit From Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is often an ideal solution to certain gum issues many patients face, such as:

  • “Gummy smile”
  • Teeth appear too short
  • Bulbous or granulated gum tissues from certain medications
  • Gum tissue overgrowth or inflammation due to gum disease
  • Need to expose more tooth structure for restorative procedures
  • Wish to create a more even, balanced smile

Minimally Invasive, Precision Crown Lengthening Services

Crown lengthening makes a significant difference in the health of your gums and quality of your smile. When it comes to the level of personalized cosmetic care and desired clinical outcomes, Dr. Layton is a perfectionist, delivering only exceptional services with precision focus and a gentle touch. We use the Odyssey® Laser to perform crown lengthening procedures, a cutting-edge piece of technology known to be extremely accurate and minimally invasive. With 22 years in practice and affiliations with the American Dental Association and American College of Dentists, Dr. Layton is extremely committed to advancing your oral health and smile with only the finest solutions modern dentistry has to offer.

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Has a gummy smile impacted your confidence and quality of life for much too long? Get the beautiful, balanced smile you deserve with our gentle crown lengthening services.

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