How to Care For Your Invisalign® Aligners

Published: October 11, 2017

You invested in Invisalign® aligners in Charlotte, NC because not only do you want a straighter smile, but you also want to improve your oral care/health. To get the best results from using Invisalign® aligners, you have to know how to clean and care for your retainers properly.  Cleaning To clean your Invisalign® aligners, you […]

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Headache Relief Begins With a TMJ Evaluation

Published: August 12, 2017

Headaches occur for a variety of reasons such as tension or allergies, but did you know they could come from your mouth? Sometimes patients do not even realize they have an issue with their jaw, only they experience headaches on a near daily basis.  When this occurs, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and associated muscles may […]

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