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Everyone wants a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. And, there’s nothing that makes us more pleased than seeing a patient leave our office with a happy look on their face. If you are looking for a dentist in Charlotte, NC, know that Dr. Layton and the staff at Layton Dentistry take extra steps to ensure that your dental experience is comfortable, convenient and compassionate. You’ll find Dr. Layton responsive to your questions and prompt when it comes to answering your phone calls. Our goal is to provide not just good dental care, but exceptional dental care in a setting that puts you at ease.

Dr. Layton and team make certain to provide comprehensive dental care to keep your oral health, overall health and appearance at their best. In addition, we utilize the latest dental technology and the newest procedures to strengthen the health of your teeth and to make them look years younger!

Your premier dentist in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Layton, and his staff go to great lengths to ensure your comfort and to inform you about treatment options so you can make the best decision about your specific needs and desires. After all, our goal is to leave each patient smiling when they leave our dentist’s office.

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I am a patient of Dr. Layton’s, I have been for twenty years. The reason I went to him in the first place was because I heard he was the very best dentist in town. And since then I can endorse that statement. I’ve been through a lot of different procedures with Dr. Layton.
When I was a young boy I got hit in the mouth by a horse and my teeth were just not really perfect and I had a couple of cracks. He replaced four of my front teeth, did an amazing job and I look better than ever.

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A Reason to Smile Again!
Dr. Layton, your dentist in Charlotte, NC utilizes the latest technology and the newest procedures to strengthen the health of your teeth and to make them look years younger. Contact our dentist today for your cosmetic dentistry, consultation in Charlotte, NC.