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Patient Testimonials

Tom and Renee,
Thanks for great work today on my difficult crown replacement. I like your cool new machine. The crown fits fantastic! I can't say I look forward to the inevitable next one, but it will make it so much eaiser to do it all in one visit and walk out with a permanent crown.
Dumont Clark, 1/12/12

Dear Dr Layton,
I want to say, “thank you” once again for the wonderful care I received whenever I come to your office. I very much appreciate the excellence and “cutting-edge” technology which provides pain-free care and beautiful dental work. Myra is the best…simply the best! I don’t mean to gush or embarrass you, but I can’t just casually say thanks and that be sufficient. Please pass on my compliments to your entire staff and keep up the good work.

I believe Dr Layton is the best dentist in Charlotte. When he works on your teeth it’s pain free. I can’t even feel the needle when he injects novacaine into my gums. He pulled one of my teeth and it was so painless that I didn’t even know when he pulled it. He offered to do a lot of work on my teeth at the big discount and agreed to let me make payments once a month. His bedside manner is better than any doctor I’ve ever been to. He is a very kind, compassionate dentist. Wishing you and yours heaven.
Your devoted patient,

Dr Layton is very gentle with the shot. I felt no pain. Before I would tear up with shots in my mouth. Now that I see Dr Layton the shot are much easier.
Martha 6/24/08

I have been seeing Dr Layton and his staff for my dental needs for four years now. He and his staff always provide quality service. They are very professional, personable and patient. I feel very comfortable under their care as they always take the time to explain procedures. I would and have recommended Dr Layton to others.
Vivian Coleman

Dear Dr Layton:
During my last visit to your office, I mention to Myra how much I always appreciated the level of service provided by you and your staff. She indicated that your office is developing a website that might incorporate similar comments from current patients as a tool to help grow your business. I gladly volunteered to reduce some of my thoughts to writing, and I hereby specifically authorize you and your office to use the following comments in whatever medium and for whatever purpose you deem appropriate (if you are so included): You would be hard pressed to find a group of more dedicated, friendly, and knowledgeable personnel than at the office of Drs Layton and Hume. I am constantly impressed not only with the level of service provided from the medical standpoint, but by the staff’s willingness to go above and beyond to ensure that I stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible during appointments. Many of the employees have worked at the office for a number of years, a fact that not only speaks volumes about the internal work environment, but results in a level of familiarity and consistency for the patient that is both rare and welcome. Keep up the good work! Very truly yours,
July 22, 2008
J.D. DuPuy

To Whom It May Concern:
As a Charlotte orthodontist with over seventeen years of experience, I believe that I am uniquely qualified that to assess to skills and quality of the dentists in our community. Since my patients come from many dental practices throughout the area, I am able to view and evaluate the quality of dental services that were provided to them by their general dentist. In addition, I receive a tremendous amount of feedback from my patients regarding their experiences and opinions of their dentists. Last, I interact and maintain a professional relationship with these same dentists. Based upon my experience, I can say without hesitation, that Dr’s Thomas Layton and Mitchell Hume are two of the finest dentist in the Charlotte community. Their clinical skills and expertise assure that their patients receive the finest dental care. With the help of a friendly and compassionate staff, Dr’s Layton and Hume provide their patients with a warm and caring dental experience. By incorporating the latest dental technology and with a commitment to continuing education, they ensure that their patients receive the best that modern dentistry can offer. It gives me great pleasure to enthusiastically endorse and recommend Dr’s Thomas Layton and Mitchell Hume!
Sincerely yours,
Dr Gregory F. Valeriano, Orthodontic Specialists

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